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M A R I O N . S T U A R T

Residency Aveiro Portugual 2017

An opportunity was offered to working with a curator in Portugal on a funded residency creating site specific works for exhibition in Braga. 

I created works which reflected the local salted cod fish Bacalhau and the Rococo acanthus leaves found in the local church decoration, researching during my stay going to see and study live cod for movement and draw from the local churches. 

This involved  working at Vista Alegre for ten days creating and firing my works on the historical ceramics factory site. 

Following the residency the works were installed in Braga on a bed of salt and I was a guest artist on the factory site historical Museum. Later in the year I returned to run workshops and to install with new works in the salt kiln for the Biennale, based on the story of the town. 

detail of goldfish.jpg
installation image.jpg
Detail of portugese residency works.JPG
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